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house party

I joined House Party awhile back and I was finally picked to host a party! Saturday I hosted a Splenda Sweet Rewards party at my house. It was so much fun and we ate some pretty good food too!

So how does it work? First you need to join House Party. Once you are a member, you can start filling our applications to host a party. There are many types of parties and they are sponsored by the manufacture. Basically they want you to help promote their products.

Now, do not expect to get picked to host all of the parties. There are thousands of people applying. I applied to several before I got my chance. Once you do get chosen, you must start setting up your party details immediately. You will have to send out e-invites and make a little blog right own the House Party site… it is very easy.

Then you wait for your party pack to arrive! This is the fun part. I had no idea what to expect. A couple of weeks ago, the UPS truck showed up at my house with a large box. What did I order, I thought. It was my Splenda party pack! Splenda sent a ton of products to share with my friends and family. They also sent mixing spoons, a hardbound cookbook, measuring cups, and recipe books for the guests. I shared the Splenda with my party guests and also with some women from my playgroup, yes there was that much!

I will defiantely apply for another House Party. It was easy, a great way to try new products and a good excuse to get my family and friends together for a party!


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