House Party: Sargento Finishers Great Create


I held my second House Party last Wednesday. The first House Party I hosted took place in July and it was a Splenda Sweet Rewards party. My latest House Party was sponsored by Sargento Finishers Great Create. I applied for the Sargento Finishers party several weeks ago. I was notified at the end of August that I was picked to host a party! How wonderful to get a chance to try products for FREE and have an excuse to host a party!

Sargento sent me my party pack via UPS a couple of weeks ago. They supplied the plastic plates, bowls, forks and knives along with paper napkins. In the box I found (4) coupons for free bags of lettuce up to $3.99, (4) coupons for free Sargento Salad Finishers up to $3.99 and (2) coupons for free Sargento Potato Finishers up to $3.99. An e-Music giftcard for 25 free Mp3 song downloads was also included. Since I am way behind the times and don’t own an i-Pod or Mp3 player, I gave the giftcard to one of my guests! My hostess gift was wooden salad servers. My guests also received several $2 off coupons for Sargento Finishers and magnetic shopping lists.

So what did we do at the party?We had a baked potato and salad bar! For this particilar party, I invited moms only for a moms night “out”. I had guests bring a veggies to go in the salad. We filled up ramekins with all sorts of toppings and participated in the “Great Create”! The finishers were good. Honestly, I had never bought them before as I think they are a bit pricey. However, they are very convenient and they taste great! We tried the Cranberry Pecan, Chicken Cesar, Classic Chef and Cheddar Bacon Salad Finishers. The only Potato Finisher I could find was the All American. So, we ate, chatted and caught up on each others lives!

Sargento Finishers can be found in the produce section of the grocery store. they are usually near the pre-packaged salads.

Are you ready to host a party and try new products for free? Sign up with House Party! You can read about how the whole process works in my earlier post.

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