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  1. jason says

    I would spend this on my little girl that just got on the hornor roll at her school. She has had a hard time and work realy hard. This would be great for her.

  2. debbie johnson says

    what i win online is used for birthday presents and christmas. i have 7 married kids and 12 grandkids. need all the help i can get.

  3. jamary ahnee says

    It will get us a step closer to our goal to buy a new family vehicle! Crossing our fingers!! Lord knows we need a reliable spacious family car L : )

  4. colette kolbmann says

    i could reallly use this for diapers.. with 2 kids one being soecial needs we use alot of gas money to go to doctors appts and therapist and take my oldest to and from school.. stressed just talking about it..

  5. Karlene Shamir says

    I’d spend it on the ingredients I need to have a ‘chef night’ with my boyfriend on valentine’s day :) we both love cooking!

  6. Sheralle D. says

    I would buy my baby a boy a new carseat because he has out grown his infant seat and is in desperate need of a new toddler/booster seat.

  7. jodi lasher says

    Well if i win, and i am so hoping i do someday soon, i will put the money in my car.. It needs some work before inspection in april.. Hard when my income is limited lol

  8. Julia A says

    If I won the $100 I would do something really nice for my husband for our 13th wedding anniversary/Valentine’s day!

  9. Suzanne D. says

    I would give the $100 to a family that needs a starter in their car so they can make it to their children’s sports events.

  10. M. Bulka says

    I lost my job 3 weeks ago and still waiting for my unemployment check. A $100 gift card would definitely come in handy for gas and groceries.

  11. mandy says

    I would buy my son tires for his “new” bicycle he got a great deal on…it has rims, just needs the tires! If there was anything left, I would use it to buy myself a bike basket. I don’t know how much they are though, so that might be out of the question!

  12. says

    I need to find a good job, so I am thinking that this money would buy me a new outfit, and maybe a pair of new shoes! I would wear this new outfit on job interviews!

  13. Melissa says

    I would buy my little boy a new pair of shoes. He has grown out of his old ones and he really needs a new pair.

  14. Meg Loop says

    I’m really trying hard to check your website all the time so I can get in on these. You’re awesome. Thanks for hosting.

  15. Cathy says

    Valentines present for the hubby, feed the kids group at church this weekend, and buy my kids some spring and summer clothes.

  16. Corri D. says

    I’d put the money towards bills because I lost my job yesterday and need to make sure bills are taken care of.

  17. says

    Hey! This would be perfect for me! I made a promise that for the New Years, I would eat healthy! I would use this money to buy something i been wanting to buy for a long long time! A juicer! A juice machine, to make all natural fruit juices using fruits and vegetables. Its what i really really want.

    Thank you!! <3

  18. Brooke Westmoreland says

    If there was any way I could use it towards medical bills I would. If not, I would purchase gifts that I need to get anyways

  19. Meg Bressette says

    If I was lucky enough to win I would use the money to help my grown daughter with building a stockpile of necessities and also buy some groceries for us too.

  20. Brandi Price says

    I would love to say spend it on myself… but in all reality it would probably be spent on the baby boy! LOL

  21. Brenda Block says

    Valentine’s day and hubby’s birthday in the next couple of weeks! This would be very useful in celebrating both!

  22. Sheralle D. says

    If I win, I would buy my baby boy a new carseat because he desperately needs a new one. He has out grown his infant seat and is now ready for a convertible/booster seat and those things are expensive.

  23. marie geckle says

    I would give the 100 dollars to my parents. They took me and my two kids in while I am going to school since we live far away and my husband works, so I live with my parents during the week and they don’t ask for any money for groceries or babysitting, but I would like to help them out with groceries.

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