HOT! HOT! HOT! FREE Designer Shoes! Free Shipping too!!!


I am so excited to share this deal with you!!!  It’s extremely rare to be able to get a super cute pair of shoes, sandals, boots etc…  for FREE!!!  Yes!  FREE!!!  Free fits me and my budget very nicely and I bet it will yours too!

Follow these steps EXACTLY to get your Super Cute FREE SHOES!!!

Here’s how to get them for free:

1.  First, Sign up with JustFab HERE!

2.  Take the short style quiz (this was short and fun too)

3.  Find the shoes you like (there are so many different styles that I liked so this was a bit more difficult for me)

4.  Head to checkout and you’ll get a free magazine subscription (this is how you will get your shoes for free)

5.  Choose the $20 Cosmo en Espanol Magazine for the $20 rebate offer

6.  Check out and pay the $19.95 now and submit THIS REBATE to get $20 back = FREE SHOES!!!!  YAY!!!

Thanks Freetail therapy 

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