Hoppin' for Holiday Cash

Hoppin’ for Holiday Cash is back! This giveway lasts for 48 hours from 12:01am EST on 10/19 thru 11:59pm EST on 10/20. . The Rafflecopter entry form should make it very easy for y’all to enter.

This time Hoppin’ for Holiday Cash has evolved…you can choose! The winner can choose between getting their winnings in Amazon Cash or Paypal Cash. :-) SWEET!

Now, another fun fact…we added a blogger this time! There are 11 blogger that are particpating…so that should make it even merrier for everyone.

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash
  • $30 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash
  • $20 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash

Don’t forget to hop around on each of the blogs to gain more entries. Tweeting about the giveaway and leaving blog post comments also gains you more entries. You can actually get started now. Just go ahead and like the bloggers on facebook, join their email lists, tweet about the giveaway, leave comments. Then during the giveaway time, you will just come back and click “I Did This” on the Rafflecopter to gain your entries.

The participating blogs are:

My Coupon Lady
Coupon Clipinista
I Save A 2 Z
Frugal Fritzie
Gimmie Freebies
Debt Free Mama
Go Momma Coupons
Madame Deals
It’s Free at Last


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  1. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    Holiday shopping is looking GREAT this year! Most gifts I got for FREE from giveaways and the others I got for free on Amazon and some other sale sites using Swagbuck credits and site sign up credits! WOOHOO! My family is going to be blown away! :)

  2. Jessica Ward says

    I actually have pretty much my side of the family done! Just need to get moving on the hubbies side ..and of course presents for him :)

  3. Kim Davis says

    I am almost done with my gift buying…I only have the small stuff to get.
    I am not sure what the menu will be I have to get busy on that!

  4. Karen Propes says

  5. stacey dempsey says

    i am making up my shopping list and looking for deals but havent started shopping yet
    staceyx at telus dot net

  6. Juana Esparza says

    I haven’t started on my holiday shopping, but like every year I will at the very last minute.


  7. Rachel Runyan says

    I’m doing pretty well on my holiday shopping. I started this year around May and when I started getting coupons or free deals and could find something my family members would like, then I would get it. About a month ago Totsy was really good to me and had a Chuggington event and I was able to get a few of my son’s presents deeply discounted. I would use this money towards the train table that my husband and I want to get him for Christmas. That is the final gift we lack for him. Now, If I could only figure out what my hubby would like, then I could get started on saving on that.

  8. Amy Baker Schultz says

    Can’t believe the holidays are fast approaching! Need to get a move on with the shopping! Thanks everyone for doing this for us!

  9. sarah hussey says

    I love the holidays and spending time with family. My hubby will be deploying shortly after the start of the new year so we are cherishing all of our time together! As for holiday shopping anything helps!

  10. Jessica O says

    I have most of my shopping done but I can always do a little more. Especially for a really good deal! I stock pile through out the year so it doesn’t break us come time for Christmas. So I buy stuff on sale and clearance and with coupons and even on Craigslsit and at garage sales if it something I know my kids really want but we could never afford to buy new. My kids don’t care if it is new or not. They LOVE what they get and don’t ever complain. We are a debt free family. And it brings a lot of peace. =)

  11. Jessica O says

    We are actually expecting our 4th son in Feb and so we are trying to get all of the baby needs ready for when he comes. I love my boys! They are such blessings!

  12. Jessica O says

    I think I’m down to just finding stocking stuffers for my boys but that can be tricky. Don’t want to get them all the same thing, trying to be creative with it. =)

  13. Jessica O says

    Thanks again for this giveaway! Yal are awesome! (and this concludes the 10 blog comments for sharing on FB) LOL

  14. Jennifer Boehme says

    You all rock! Thanks for making it so easy to do the raffelcopter!
    My holiday shopping is coming along well. I have found so many deals and think it’s been cheaper than last year!

  15. Sherry Cooper says

    I always wait till the last minute for shopping. Don’t usually start till December. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas Holidays and any extra money would be such a blessing. My only daughter out of my 5 children was born on Christmas Day!! :)

  16. santia g. says

    i am more then half way done with christmas shopping. iam so glad to cause its not been good the last 2 months

  17. Ravin says

    I haven’t even thought about holiday shopping yet. Its so stressful. My job right now is to figure out what I want to buy for everyone.

  18. Lisa says

    Trying to do my holidays with pennies this year, and that includes every free penny I can get. Xmas for us is the grimmest I have ever had in my 46 years. Even my mother was single when i was little is did a a better job than I am capable this year. Sadly I know it is like this for way to many people right now. Good luck everyone

  19. Charice de Vidal says

    Already got the majority of my shopping done :-) I only have a few more things to grab and then I’ll be ready.

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