Honey Baked Hams 50% off 9lb. Half Ham

Honey Baked Ham has their half hams 50% off. The Honey Baked Hams are so tasty but they are a bit pricey. The 9lb. half ham is $37.50 shipped. If you look up the price of the 7-8lb. half ham you will see it is $70! So a 9lb. ham at $37.50 is certainly a deal for a Honey Baked Ham!

Thanks to Saving for Someday!


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    We are having Easter at my 74 year old Mother’s because my daughter and Husband and my 2 grandchildren RE MOVING TO Mesa Arizona, military calls you know! I want this to be the best Easter ever and would love to get a Honey baked Ham for 50% off because they are the best and since their will be 20 people at the Easter dinner the discount would help alot!

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