Holiday Gift Guide: JewelScent Review

Holiday Gift Guide: JewelScent Review

*I received a candle from JewelScent to facilitate this review, all thoughts an opinions are my own 🙂



What could be better than a wonderful smelling soy candle? A wonderful smelling soy candle with a surprise ring hidden inside of course! Today, I want to tell you about the latest edition in our Holiday Gift Guide, JewelScent! What exactly is JewelScent?It is an awesome company that makes all natural soy wax candles, aroma beads, and organic soaps with rings hidden inside! I love this concept because it’s like getting 2 gifts in 1!  The rings are valued from $10-$7500 and the best part is that you can pick the size ring you want! I am super excited to share this company with you as part of our Holiday Gift Guide and I think JewelScent would be a great gift for the season! 

Here’s how my experience with my JewelScent Candle went:



First of all, the Calm Lavender JewelScent Candle I received was seriously one of the best smelling candles ever. After just a few minuets of having it lit, the whole room smelled of calming lavender! I loved that the scent was noticeable, but not overbearing like some candles tend to be. JewelScent candles have 100 hours of burn time, and are made right here in the USA! They are also made with organic, eco-friendly ingredients so it’s a product you can feel great about! Now I will warn you, knowing that there is a beautiful ring waiting for you inside that candle will make you want to dig for it as soon as you open the box, Don’t do it! You must resist the urge ha! As soon as I received my candle I started burning it, waiting for the moment that I would see that gold foil that indicated my ring was near, and then after about 2 hours….



Tada! I highly suggest getting a pair of tweezers to get your ring out, that way you don’t make a mess or burn yourself. I let the wax harden a bit before I opened up my foil, so I wouldn’t get wax everywhere!

Here is the beautiful ring hidden inside my JewelScent Candle:



Surprise! I love the ring that I received from my JewelScent candle! It was super shiny and had a great look to it. It wasn’t a real ring this time, but it was still beautiful, and I plan on wearing it 🙂 Make sure to visit the JewelScent Website so you can pick out a great gift for someone this holiday season!

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