Holiday from the Heart

Dear Readers,

We would like to invite you to share how you provide gifts for your family on a budget during the holidays. In my family, we do gifts just for the kids. In my husband’s family we exchange names for the adults and there is a $100.00 limit on the gift selection. In our household we celebrate Hanukkah so I set a limit of $100.00 for my children’s gifts. I usually buy a couple needed items and a few toys.  My husband and myself do not exchange gifts. We instead, go somewhere or do something special. I find that making memories is more important to me than a material item.  We also celebrate Christmas with my husband’s family so the kids get one special present from “Santa” provided by the grandparents. Then they each get one little something  from everyone else. My family and my husband’s family take the rest of the money they were going to spend and put it into a savings bond for the kids for later.

What is most important is the traditions we are making. We make cookies or build ginger bread houses with the kids. It is these times that our children will remember. I hope that our children do the same holiday traditions with their family.

Here is a cheap gift idea that my son loves!! A magazine subscription. I know we just did a post on subscriptions for $5.00. HERE

This would make a lovely gift for a friend, co worker, family member. You could even make it more grand by getting a basket and putting some of the FREE health and beauty products you get and add a note about their upcoming magazine arrival.

It really is the thought that counts!


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