Holiday from the Heart: Thankful Turkey

Last year it was my mission to find activities that explained the meaning for holidays. I want my children and my nephews to grow up knowing that there is more to holidays than food and gifts. I found crafts for both Thanksgiving and Christmas that brought meaning to our day. I will share our Thankful Turkey Centerpiece with you today!

Thankful Turkey

Thankful Turkey

I made our Thankful Turkey Centerpiece by following the directions found in Parents magazine. Here are the basics:

How to make it: Cut a 1-inch sliver off the bottom of a 9-inch polystyrene ball. Wrap sphere neatly in thick dark-brown yarn, covering surface completely; knot on bottom. Make a 4-inch ball from light-brown yarn and attach to body with a wooden craft stick. Create simple facial features using felt: white circles (approximately the size of a quarter, with 1/8-inch pom-poms for pupils) for eyes, yellow triangles for the beak, and long red felt teardrops as the wattle. Cut feather shapes from colored craft paper and bend in half lengthwise to create seam. Glue wooden craft stick to the bottom third of the feather and insert in a fan shape on turkey body.

I used a small polystyrene ball for the head and wrapped yarn around that. The polystyrene balls can be pricey. Grab a 40% off coupon for Michael’s and that will help. I used leftover felt I had on hand as it does not take much.

On Thanksgiving day, each person took a construction paper feather and wrote down what they were thankful for. I read each message out-loud before dinner was served. It was so neat to read the notes! Even the kids had heart felt messages to write. We had everyone write there message and then I read them out-loud before dinner. Every year will will add feathers full of thankful thoughts!


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