Holiday from the Heart: Renewing Glass Ornaments

photo courtesy of xSugar333

photo courtesy of xSugar333

Have you had the same Christmas ornaments for years and feel the need to renew them? I have had the same glass ball ornaments for many years. Some of my glass ornaments are starting to show their age with dull color. Instead of spending money on replacing my glass ornaments, I have revamped them with a little glitter and glue!

This idea comes from Martha Stewart. It is a fun craft to do with your children too! My three year old helped me and they are by no means perfect. However, it gives my ornaments a certain charm! Warning: if you do this craft with young children, you may end up with glitter everywhere, including your hair!



Craft Glue, watered down (you want it to easily brush on)
Glass Ornaments
Paper plate
Foam brush for application (we made do with q-tips and cosmetic sponges that we had on hand)

Make a design on your ornament using the glue and your applicator of choice. Covering the ornament entirely in glue also makes a neat effect. The glue separates a bit leaving a unique design. Once the glue is applied, sprinkle or spoon glitter over glue. Make sure your paper plate in underneath your ornament to catch the glitter. Once the glitter has covered the glue, tap the ornament to release any extra glitter. Let it dry and then hang it on your tree!


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