Holding Your Judgement

Holding Your Judgement

Holding Your Judgement

I hope you are following my reveals column because you wanted to know more about me. I shared my journey into Greek Goddesses if you didn’t you can catch up. I decided today I would teach you a lesson about judgment. I am a teacher so it my duty to impart wisdom. Judgment just happens. It does you make choices and decisions each day. You determine how to react to your environment based on these determinations.

I am going to ask you today to suspend all judgments. The reason is simple it is your opinion and although it is valuable it isn’t always necessary or helpful. I am going to ask you to not look at the way people look or talk or what car the drive. I am going to ask you to listen to what they have to say. I am going to ask you to speak to people, look them in the eyes, and listen with your heart.

I am going to ask that your encourage them to pursue their goals and dreams. I am going to ask that you offer to help and support them. I am going to ask that you do so because being someone’s light is far more valuable to him or her and to yourself than being the person that discourages him or her.

I recall a time years ago that I was placed in a classroom. I use that word loosely since it was a trailer with metal rods on the windows. The rods were not to protect the building but to keep a student from escaping or injuring himself. I opened this large file on my desk and began to read about my new student. I heard about the black eyes he had caused the multiple attempts to jump off furniture and throw things at others. I put aside my fear and clear my judgment since we are entitled to a fresh start. I read my educational objectives and I photocopied them. I placed that education thesis back in the file cabinet.

Holding your Judgement

The young man entered the room and the first thing he said to me was you know all about me. I feigned surprise and asked him who he was. He told me his name and asked if I read “his file”. I told him a big fat lie that I hadn’t and it was locked in the filing cabinet and I couldn’t get it out. He immediately looks relieved. That moment taught me so much. It taught me that I needed to start each day with a clear slate that I needed to do better and be more but not dwell on the past. It isn’t something I can change or alter. I taught that little boy that I would be his light. I would be the one person that gave him the chance to be what he wanted to be which was kind, generous, smart, and helpful. The transformation was so overwhelming that the school staff didn’t recognize him. The only thing I did was removed my judgment. I ask you again today to listen more, do more, and inspire others with ideas that will empower them not deflate them. I ask that you say nice things and do nice deeds and if you falter then start again. I ask that you stop judging yourself and that you believe that you have the ability to create opportunities. We are all our worst critics and we all have the ability to shut that critic up.

Topic: Holding your Judgement

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  1. says

    We have become so inundated with the obsession to “label” everything and everyone. This is such a great reminder on keeping our lives fresh and spontaneous. As a parent and friend I often hear myself saying, “Don’t judge others based on anything beyond how they treat YOU.”
    Love this post!

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