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cool as a Cucumber

Cool as a Cucumber

There are a couple of things I have noticed lately. The first is that although my family loves cucumbers, they are coming out of our garden at a faster rate than we can eat them in salads, scooped out with peanut butter in the middle as a snack, or even as the occasional beauty treatment for puffy eyes. The next thing that I have noticed is that even though it is hot out, I have not been overly good at drinking all the water that I should in a day. Enter my first tip. Cut the skin off of your cucumbers, slice, and place in a pitcher of water and refrigerate. Let sit in the the refrigerator for a couple of hours and you then you have a refreshing pitcher of water with just a hint of cucumber. This was something that I fell in love with when a girlfriend and I had a girls day out. It was so simple and refreshing all at once. Now, whenever I have a glass of cucumber water, I remember fondly that special day as well as helping to knock out my daily required number of glasses of water. You can also do the same with sliced lemons and limes.

cool as a cucumber

Next comes from something my son has an interest in. Coin collecting. He was recently reading in his magazine, Boys Life, that if you are collecting the state quarters and happen to be missing a few, simply head to the nearest vending machine. Put your quarters in and then immediately hit the coin return. Repeating this process until perhaps you get a coin you need.

Lastly, are a couple of laundry tips. The first comes from another good friend of mine who said that if you have a stain that has an oil base (greasy) , pre-treat it with D@wn dish soap (the blue original one) and some salt. The dish soap breaks down the grease and the salt helps to wick it away from the surface and therefore can easily be laundered. The final laundry tip is that if you end up with bubble gum on your clothes (either b/c you were clumsy or perhaps someone left some in their pockets and it went through the washer and dryer like happened to me a few days ago…oh the joys of little boys and their treasures) All you need to do is put a spoonful of the greasy/really not healthy peanut butter on top of the bubble gum spot and leave over night. The next day, simply scrape the p.b. off and then treat as above for the grease stain left behind and launder as usual.

Thank you to those who helped with suggestions and if you have a tip you would like to share, feel free to email Madame Deals, we’d love to spotlight your ideas here too! Stay cool!

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