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We as moms wear many hats. I have heard it said – especially around Mother’s Day – that if we were to be paid for all the jobs that we do for our family, that we would be the highest paid group of people. Think about it. You are organizer, cook, maid, laundry lady, nurturer, financial planner, travel agent,nurse, party planner, and so much more. With all of that going on, I look for some short cuts to help me do the jobs that I need and want to do for my family.

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One of those helpful tips is to have either RSS feeds (like some of you who subscribe to this website) or to just bookmark some sites that can truly be helpful. I find it  helpful to get updates from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the FDA and/or the USDA as far as any recalls. This information is usually posted on the evening broadcast news too. However,  if you are like me, I tend to not to turn that on because of the news media’s philosophy of  “if it bleeds, it leads” which is not always helpful when you have little ones around or even older kids who may perhaps have more understanding of goings on, but still don’t understand. So, for me, in this season in my life, I tend to get my news online which then limits me to seeing these recalls. Here are some links to some key sites I use:

CPSC  : Consumer goods
USDA  : Food Safety
FDA     :Food & Drug 
Recalls : Recalls

Another way to keep your family safe is to review restaurant inspections by the health department. Our particular area has it online. If you live in a different state, I would suggest that you call your local health dept to see how they handle making this information available to the public – then book mark the link if possible. On this listing, you can insert the name of the restaurant and find their last inspection date and how they did; this list also includes (for our area) daycare centers and schools.

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