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Here are some more super ideas that will make your life easier:
Here are some quick tips that I have found useful:

Vinegar. Well, I have sung its praises before here and just this past week, found yet another use for it when I had some unwanted pests in my kitchen. Fruit flies. I searched and searched and couldn’t find the usual suspect of a source (old fruit, etc) and although I wiped things down they still hung around my sink and drove me nuts. So, I headed to the internet and sought my solution. Before you roll your eyes and think that I fell into the trap of “I read it on the internet, so it must be true” I wanted you to know that I did, in fact, try this and found it to work! There are some other things I found that were listed as benefits to vinegar that I haven’t tried, but am willing to – once I have, I will dutifully report my findings, I promise!  So, the solution for ridding yourself of fruit flies is simple. I used a small ramakin dish but any small bowl will work. I put approximately 1/4-1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar and a splash of dish soap and then placed it on my kitchen window sill. In an hour or so, there were about 10 lifeless bodies in the bottom of my dish. I dumped the solution and redid to leave overnight. I repeated this until I didn’t really have any other pests around. Quick, easy, and to the point. Click HERE for more great IDEAS

- Have you ever tried to make a cutlet of meat (where you tenderize it and “hammer” it to a thin state) and used a thin zip bag? Or even tried to chop/crush nuts without an actual chopper? Well, I have and have been disappointed with the results of the strength of the bag. Enter my tip. Use a cleaned out cereal bag. These are seemingly made from a tougher plastic than most other bags I have come across and in the end, whatever I had IN the bag to crush or flatten, has not leaked out onto the counter top.

Baby bottle drying rack. Speaking of cleaning bags, how do you let them dry once you have given them a quick rinse? I use a baby bottle drying rack. I picked one up at a yard sale and have found that I can use it for a couple of things because in my house many things have to have more than one purpose. In addition to using it as a bag drying rack on my kitchen counter, I also use it in the winter to help dry mittens and hats that my wee ones have worn while playing in the snow. I no longer have use for it as a bottle dryer, but rather than get rid of it, I repurposed it!

Manila Envelope – Need a small gift bag, but don’t have one? Take and cut the top off of a manila envelope, punch two holes through both sides, tie two lengths of ribbon for handles and let you/your child decorate – tissue paper and off you go! I learned this trick when I was doing more paper crafting than I am these days and often used one of those stamp wheels to help in the decorating process. Necessity, in deed, is the mother of invention!

Brewer’s yeast. When we had a cat, and two ferrets, I used this trick regularly. Go to the health food store and purchase a container of Brewer’s yeast. Sprinkle about 1/4- 1/2 cup per small bag (16-18 oz) of cat/dog food pouring it in the bag at the top. Then re-close, give the bag a good shake to distribute the yeast and food is covered. This helps in keeping fleas and ticks off of animals in a more natural way than flea collars,etc. I would suggest starting with that amount, but then if you need to amp it up a bit b/c you are still seeing problems with pests after using a bag or so, then try to work your way up to about 3/4 – one cup per small bag.XX

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