Help Valentine’s Day Ideas

Help! Valentine's Day

Help! Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentines Day is coming up do you find yourself screaming Help! Valentine’s Day Ideas.  I know that we all need help. I sometimes think about how do you make things special. I find myself searching for ideas. I started thinking I bet some of my blogger friends have super ideas to make Valentine’s day special. I decided to have them share their tips with you.

Help! Valentine’s Day Ideas

I think you will enjoy Colleen’s tips for your special someone. I can’t believe how cool her homemade massage oil is. GRRR Awesome!

I know you need a card or how about a love note? Well Naomi can help with those. Valentine’s Day cards and more.

Do you want to Spend correctly on Valentine’s Day then you will really enjoy Becky’s post.

You can see my Valentine Ideas For Children I hope they inspire you to create something special for your children. I know that no matter how old my children become I will always tell them I love them no matter how many faces they make towards me.

That isn’t all I would love to have you share your tips for finding love, creating love, but not making love this is a PG site. I hope that our tips inspire you to give to others and share your heart. I also wanted to mention the 100 things you can do to help others for free. I would check out my list for inspiration because it was created by the readers of my site. They have big hearts and love to inspire others to give. If you need more Help with your Valentine Ideas you can check out my Valentine day page.

Leave me a Valentine’s Day Idea below.

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  1. rachel says

    Give a jar of coupons – that are priceless….one back rub, pedicure etc. As you fulfilled the “chores ” or coupon items you are showing and learning more about love – giving of yourself.

  2. says

    I cute cute treats and notes for the kids and a nice dinner, favorite snack for everyone. I also get a nice card and write a note about the past year in it, for my Husband.

  3. cindy taylor says

    Make a Valentine’s wreath out of hearts cut from old scraps of fabric or kids valentines, etc. Even multicolored construction paper

  4. April Houston says

    Make a coupon book for each person in your family. Ex. for a kid…..kid gets to pick a movie and the snacks for a family movie night. Ex. for the hubby (maybe I shouldn’t…use your imagination…lol)

  5. Rasheda says

    Heart shaped pancakes with fresh strawberries for breakfast. Kisses and dove heart chocolate tucked into lunch boxes and 7up cake with red-hot candy after dinner.

  6. says

    I think lots of little surprises for the kids make it fun! I want to do a Valentine in the mail and my girlfriend just told me she ordered a bunch of balloons and is wrapping them up in a box so when she opens it they will all float out. I know my kids would love that too.

  7. Margie Young says

    Use a cookie cutter to cut lunch bread into hearts and serve heart sandwichs , then serve heart cookies with pink strawberry milk , my kids loved being surprised .

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