Help a Pet in Need – Plus Get a $3 Coupon

 Calling all pet lovers- Help a Pet in Need !

help a pet in need

The Motherhood is working on a fantastic project with Sergeant’s pet care products to help them spread the word about a program called “emBARK on Pet Health.” Here’s the website:

Make a difference in a pet’s life

It’s super easy to participate. All you need to do is go to the emBARK on Pet Health website, click the paw print where it says “click to pledge,” and enter your email address/city/state in the box that pops up. Then you can check a box to receive an e-mailed coupon for $3 off a Sergeant’s or Sentry purchase and click “submit.”

It is so easy and quick to pledge and help a pet in need. Each pledge triggers the donation of a pet health kit worth $50 to participating animal shelters across the country. You don’t have to be a pet owner to pledge, and you can pledge more than once. The Motherhood is trying to help the Sergeant’s team get 5,000 pledges. They’re at about 1,500 right now, and they would love your help!!!

Help a pet in need, plus get a $3 coupon!




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