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Quick Tips –

– Save on shampoo. Ok, so I have mentioned that I am not a girlie girl, but that I like to smell good among my household of men, right? And like any good girl, I have more than one pair of shoes (at least one for a date night, and a few for casual wear) Well, the same goes for my shampoo. I have some special shampoo that I splurged on and I want to make it last as long as possible. I learned this tip just recently, and I admit, I thought it a little “out there” as well, but thought I would give it a try….and it worked! I am now a reformed one shampoo girl, to a a lather, rinse, repeat girl. The tip is: The first shampoo, use about a quarter sized amount of shampoo (my hair is shoulder length) no, it won’t lather much, but you will get the surface dirt off. Rinse. Then repeat – with the same quarter sized amount. This time the shampoo lathers really well! Rinse and use conditioner if you need. Don’t worry, I doubted it at first, but it worked. SO instead of using a honking dallup of shampoo, once, I use two smaller amounts and save on shampoo!

– I am also in the midst of cleaning out rooms and de-cluttering. I have found a wonderful site where she is a really organized person and has helped me weed out the clutter. The site: http://orgjunkie.com/

– While organizing and discussing things we hold on to for “special” occasions – what about your perfume. Did you know that perfumes have expiration dates too?? Yeah, we have all smelled some favorite perfume that has gone by, but this was something that I truly didn’t know until I read a book on decluttering (“It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh, professional organizer from TLC’s Clean Sweep) and it said that perfumes are good for about three years. Usually you can look at the manufacturer’s code listed on the bottom of the bottle or on the box its self. Walsh says that the manufacturer’s code may look something like this : AJ6546. The last digit, in this case, the 6, indicates the year that it was made; most likely 2006 so this particular bottle would be good until 2009. If in doubt, always check with the manufacturer through their 800# if you are not sure of when the use by date is or how to find it.

– Lastly, with school starting up for some, this two part tip may come in handy either for transporting your little ones art work home and/or for removing lots of clutter from your “to be filed” area. The first part, transporting. I still have a preschooler and invariably there is always artwork to be brought home from school. Use a recycled paper towel roll to help pictures from being crushed in the car by rolling the picture and placing inside the plain/decorated towel roll. Or if you want to mail said artwork to grandma, this also serves as a protective barrier when mailing. The second part, removing clutter. Now, when my guys were really little, it seemed to me that I could have wallpapered my house with their artwork and although I still put up some special pictures where all can see and be seen, there is only so much space to put them. The best way I have seen to help preserve these priceless artworks is to scan them into the computer – but then I take it one step further and have some printed as note cards for the grandparents. When I first started doing this, I quickly learned that the grandmas didn’t want to use the cards because they were so special. Until I let the grandmas know that there were more of the same to be had if they went through them since they were already on the computer and able to be readily duplicated. Now, just about once a year, usually just in time for those holiday thank you cards, the grandmas get a stack of notecards complete with plain invitation sized envelopes as a small token. Then on the back of each of the various designs, I put the child’s name, age, and sometimes a name or description of the picture (depending on if it is clear to the viewer or not) and then the year.

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