HeartfeltBooks.com Review

HeartfeltBooks.com Review

*Disclosure: I received a Heartfelt Book free to facilitate this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂  


During the holiday season, it’s always important to find great gift for our loved ones, and sometimes that might not be the easiest thing to do! Heartfelt Books is a great company that helps you create a unique gift that your loved one will treasure forever. When I was selected to take part in the review of Heartfelt Books I knew I wanted to create a special gift for my husband for Christmas, so I logged on to the Heartfelt Book Website to see what it was all about, and I was so excited about how easy the process was, and how they really helped me bring out the things I wanted to share with my husband. 

So what is a Heartfelt Book?



Heartfelt Books are books for your loved one that are personalized the way you want to express your love. They have books you can make for your lover, your friends, your kids, and other family members! This is different than a photo book that takes forever to make, may or may not be the quality you want it to be, and doesn’t include your thoughts and feelings. Heartfelt Books are simply books of thoughts and feelings that you want to share with your loved ones. The process is fast and simple! Once you choose who you are making your book for, Heartfelt Books will give you a list of questions for you to answer, lists to create, and more! So it helps you get out the things you want to say, without having to think of how to word it!



It was so fun going through all the questions to answer, and picking out just the right thing that I knew would make my husband smile and laugh. One of my favorite pages in my book was “Here is a bumper sticker that describes you: BOOM! Headshot!” Call of Duty anyone?  It’s little things like that that are sure to make your loved one smile!



So thanks to Heartfelt Books I know I have a great present under the tree that my husband will love, and keep forever!

Ready to make your own Heartfelt Book?

Make sure to visit Heartfeltbooks.com to check out how to make your own special book, which is FREE to start, you don’t pay until you have completed your book and are satisfied with it! You can also keep up with current specials and announcements on the Heartfelt Book Facebook Page and Twitter

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    I really think this was amazing,The holidays have been so commercialized that no one really knows the meaning of Christmas.This book you made will never be forgotten by your Husband and it will be a reminder of how much you love and appreciate him.Thank you for sharing and hopefully your other subscribers read this and understand that it’s not how much you can give a person,but the love and thought of a gift is more memorable.

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