Healthy Dog Treats – What Not to Feed Your Dog


Don’t feed your dog human food until you check out the list of 

What Not To Feed Your Dog!

What Not To Feed Your Dog

Keep Your Pets Healthy when you follow this list of What Not To Feed Your Dog

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Grapes and Raisins – These should be avoided at all costs as they carry a toxin that causes severe liver and kidney damage.

Chocolate – It is not just the caffeine but other ingredients that can cause panting,vomiting,diarrhea,dehydration and damage toyour dog’s heart and nervous system.

What Not To Feed Your Dog Continued


Corn on the Cob – Although the corn is digested the cob pieces can become lodged in the intestine and cause serious GI issues requiring surgery.

Onions,Garlic and Chives– Regardless of the form all 3 need to be avoided in dogs. Each of them contain disulfides and sulfoxides (thiosulphate) which cause anemia and damage to the red blood cells.

Fresh Peaches,Plums and Persimmons Pits – Although the fruit itself is not harmful,the seeds and pits can cause serious damage to their intestines. It is best to avoid these fruits so you don’t have to worry about the presence of seeds or pits.

Alcohol – Although many find it funny when a dog walks around intoxicated, it is very dangerous and can cause serious problems. Dogs can loose their coordination,suffer from poor breathing and even become acidic which can result in death.

Apple Seeds – Apples are a nice tasty treat for dogs but make sure to remove all the seeds as they contain a chemical which converts into cyanide. Cyanide is a deadly poison so be sure to core and remove all the seeds before serving.

Candy and Chewing Gum – The sugar is not the only thing dangerous about these two but the Xylitol contained as well. Xylitol can cause the over release insulin which can lead to kidney and liver damage.

Macadamia Nuts – They contain a toxin that can cause weakness, panting, swollen limbs,and tremors. The toxin can also damage your dog’s digestive, muscle and nervous systems.


Fat Trimmings– Although many dogs like these and find them very delicious the fat content in them can cause pancreatitis.

Coffee- Although it seems pretty harmless the dangers associated with chocolate are also associated with coffee. It should be avoided at all costs.

Bones– We all know not to feed our dog chicken bones because they can splinter but it is best to avoid any type of bones. All types of bones including pork and beef can get lodged in a dog’s throat. If you want to give your dog a bone a nylabone or large femur bone are best.

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This is not a complete list and just because an item is not listed here does not mean it is safe. If you have any questions regarding if a food is safe for your dog you should check with your veterinarian. 

Now that you know what not to feed your Dog

what not to feed dogs

find out what you can feed your pets in People Approved Food for Dogs.


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butternut Squash Dog Treats 1

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  1. I had always heard older people tell me to give my dogs onions or garlic to kill their fleas! Good to know that it’s not good for them!

    • Peaches & plums are not bad for your dog, the pits are. I don’t understand why she says you’re better off not giving these (non toxic) fruits to your dog as they might ingest the pit, yet she says give them apples even though apple seeds are toxic (& much smaller than a pit so could be missed much more easily) These fruit’s are all good. She also has a recipe (below her statement about peaches being bad) with peaches in it.

  2. Didn’t know about apple seeds. We feed our dogs raw but no fruit..they don’t need it. Pumpkin is great for loose stools. Mine just played/aye with our pumpkins from halloween that weren’t carved.

  3. Didn’t know about the fat trimmings. I don’t feed my dog any on the list, he’s on a strict diet. But, growing up I do remember my parents feeding our dogs table scraps which had prob all those things on the list. I’m sure if they knew that they would never consider feeding them our leftovers.

  4. Did not realize GARLIC was a NO NO – Thanks for sharing this valuable info – my four fur babies and I appreciate it! 🙂

  5. You can’t feed them fat trimmings? I have been giving my dog all of our organic, grassfed protein leftovers! I’m sure the gmo corn filled dog food that most feed their dog is better for them lol

  6. I can’t imagine someone finding giving alcohol to a doggie funny in any shape, form, or fashion. However, I wasn’t aware of the nuts being unhealthy. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. I never knew about grapes and raisins! I had two pugs who LOVED raisins!

    A story about fat trimmings to share with everyone – I had an older pug who had to take medication for her heart. She got smart real quick to whatever we hid the pill in. So, when hubby took a small chunk of summer sausage & hid it in there–we thought, BINGO! Unfortunately, our old girl died from acute pancreatitis, simply because we gave her pills to keep her healthy in something so high-fat and deadly.

  8. I knew most of those, but I didn’t realize that aople seeds had cyanide in them. Now I know what to serve at a dinner party with my enemies! 😉 lol

  9. I did not know about raisins. I often share oatmeal raisin cookies with my dog and thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

  10. Didn’t realize dogs couldn’t eat grapes. Thankfully we don’t feed our dog people food, bug this list is good to know, thank you:)

  11. I didn’t know about the Macadamia nuts. My dog love a few peanuts or pistachios now and then. Its a good thing I don’t really use or buy macadamias. Thanks for the info 🙂

  12. my dogs love fruit…i always figured it was better than cooked foods. my dogs love apples…how do you core them when they are eating the drops when they fall from the tree on the yard. they will be impatient with me know while i core their apples, a nd not share my peaches

  13. I knew about some of these since we feed our dogs raw nut didn’t kmow about the apple seeds. We don’t feed fruit but they do get pumpkin and loved playing with the.pumpkins after halloween that didn’t get carved. Pumpkin actually helps if they are constipated or loose stools so we try to keep a can or two on hand. Eggs are good for them too but our one dog won’t eat the shell but the other will.

  14. I don’t have a dog but my Aunt and Uncle do. I will let them know this information. I know I have seen my Uncle feed their dog meat from the table and I am sure they would like to read this because they really love their dog! Thanks for sharing!

  15. You say in your list not to feed dogs PEACHES but recipe #6 is Healthy Dog Treats – Oatmeal Peach Cookies.

    This recipe should be removed if peaches are toxic to dogs.

  16. My owner thoroughly researched all types of bones, my vet said, the don’t like to see me eating any natural bones at all, they are too hard and can create dental issues, like cracked teeth. Those issues will present themselves later in life and can be painful and costly. They prefer I have rubber chew toys.
    Hope this is helpful, Murphy

  17. i do not feed my dog table scraps or human food, aside from boiled chicken now and then. so much danger in human food and it is just not good for them.

  18. Great information I keep a list inside my kitchen cabinet of these items to remind everyone of what not to give the pets and it has a phone # on it for an emergency vet on it to. I love the recipes for treat we love to make them items ourselves so we know what goes into them.

  19. Thank you for sharing the do’s and don’ts of dog treats. These treats you shared look wonderful. I will have to try some of these for our dogs.

  20. Great tips. We currently only feed our dog, dog food. By accident, she got out of crate trick-or-treat night and got an unknown amount of candies. i was so scared for her well being. She was fine. But, I was worried.

  21. I have been a dog owner for many years and grew up having dogs and agree with most of this, however have given my big bread dogs (mostly German Shepard’s) bones over time with no problems!!

  22. Oh my gosh I knew about chocolate and bones but who would have ever known about the other especially fat trimmings. Thank you and thank you for the treat recipes~

  23. This is so true and I love that you put it out there. So many time I see parents let their children feed their dogs anything. Thanks. Great post!

  24. I have 6 fur babies on an acre of land and I spoil each one daily. I also work at a local dog grooming spa here and I will have to make my friends aware of this life saving list. Thank you for sharing!!! 🙂

  25. My Dog eats most of these things. He was a rescue dog and we were never able to get him completely eating dog food. I really need to re think things.

  26. My partner and I stumbled over here different website and thought I might check
    things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to exploring
    your web page yet again.

  27. Thank you for the recipes! Please correct your misinformation about peaches & plums being bad for dogs. They are not. As you said, the pits are bad for them. You have a recipe for Oatmeal Peach Cookies containing peaches. I would venture to say if you recommend they not eat these fruits for fear they may ingest the pits you should also recommend they not eat apples for fear of ingestion the poisonous seeds