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The Healing Tree Products mission statement is “to provide effective & affordable natural health products worldwide.”

Many of us have heard of tea tree oil and green tea but what about the healing properties of bamboo and or bamboo charcoal?! The Healing Tree Products uses bamboo charcoal technology that promotes self-warming, natural relief.

Bamboo Pro would be perfect gifts for the young and old, for the young sports players and for the elderly who seek natural arthritis pain relief.  Do you have blood circulation problems, achy joints due to aging, need muscle relief from over exercising or over working, have tension & soreness, need more mobility & flexibility, want more range of motion, pushing your muscle performance, want an aid for recovery, need something to minimize inflammation after workouts?  Natural joint pain relief is found in The Healing Tree products through the self-warming heat.  There is no need for heating pads!  Don’t worry about overheating either.  Once the bamboo charcoal becomes too warm it creates a cooling sensation.  What a relief for many discomforts.  No more worry about overheating or electrical issues as you rest with The Healing Tree.  I have been repeatedly warned not to go to sleep with a heating pad and now with the research showing how bad electric blankets are for you I want my children to avoid electric heat as well! These products make that a possibility.

Bamboo Pro Self-Warming Supports come in 10 different forms such as: carpal support, elbow support, knee support, back support, and socks.  There is surely a Bamboo Pro for every joint! I can’t miss the opportunity to include the fact that there is even an Achy Paws Self-Warming Pet Mat!   So, whether you are caring for your parents aging aches, your children’s sports injuries, or your pet, use The Healing Tree’s self-warming products!  My Zenergy Mat has been used in the car and office.  I did not notice anything while sitting on it but then in retrospect realized I was much more focused and efficient!


The Zenergy Mat and Bamboo Pro Back Support I have are now in my first aid cabinet- make sure you have them in your house.

3-Soaps-in-a-Row-Photo (1)

What Mom doesn’t want to have all natural soap!? The less processed ingredients in and on your child the better! You can actually pronounce and recognize the ingredients in these soaps! There is no problem distinguishing between the soaps.

Their Bamboo Charcoal Soap is black- my son asked me if it would turn my skin black.  I laughed and said I don’t think so.  Then when bathing I literally laughed out loud as I noted that indeed the suds were dark grey! (You do need to be sure to rinse the shower or tub after using these soaps to avoid build-up!) This soap does not have a perfume-y smell and did not make my allergies flare up.  My skin was super soft after using the Green Tea Soap (the bar is green but no green suds!) does not have any distinctive fragrance and left my skin squeaky clean but not overly dry.  It is for all skin types. The Bamboo Vinegar Soap has a strong “soap” scent.  This was the last one I tried because I was concerned the scent (which is a natural byproduct of the bamboo vinegar not an additive) might bother my allergies.  I am thrilled to be able to report my children and I have used it with NO problems whatsoever.  This soap was very moisturizing.  Please realize I am a super picky soap user that has stuck with the exact same soap for over 20 years but am now happy to use The Healing Tree Soaps!

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I want the best, most natural products for me and my family. If you do to, be sure to shop for your natural products at The Healing Tree Products.

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