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The Beatrix Girls are the newest Pop Star Dolls to hit the Scene.

I recently had a chance to review these great new dolls before they hit the stores in October,just in time for Christmas. Not only was I excited my daughter was also. She awarded me the “Best Mom” award. She eagerly opened each box and read each girl’s information. The Beatrix Girls are more than just 12″ fashion dolls. They are musicians who are in the “Beatrix”Band. They write songs, sing, and they each play an instrument. 

The Beatrix Girls experience goes beyond the fashion dolls. They create their own music which every girl will want to listen to while she recreates their concerts and jam sessions. They can even get a sneak peek at their Video Sessions.

Learn a little more about The Beatrix Girls

beatrix girls

Lark – The band’s bass player loves to relax with Extreme Sports. Her favorite foods are Potato Pancakes, Corned Beef Sandwiches, and Boston Baked Beans.

beatrix girls

Ainsley – She is the quiet one of the group but put her on stage and she rocks it out on the drums. Sweets steal the spotlight when she enjoys her favorites of Truffles and Lollypops.

beatrix girls

Brayden-She leads the band with the guitar and is responsible for most of the band’s songs.  In between sets she likes to snack on California Sushi Rolls and Latte flavored candies.

beatrix girls

Chantal– Joins the band from her native Canada and plays the keyboard. Her favorite lunches include French Onion Soup and Marzipan.

My daughter had to get her own pictures of the Beatrix Girls the minute the boxes were opened. She spent the next 3 hours playing with them and when she showed them to her friend they were an instant hit. The girls loved their clothes and hairstyles and my daughter made a list of her Top 10 things she liked about them.

the beatrix girls collage1

Jayme’s Top 10 Reasons to Buy The Beatrix Girls

  1. Nice and Stylish Clothes
  2. Beautiful Hair
  3. They sing, dance and do the splits.
  4. They have lovely names.
  5. They are all friends.
  6. They love to play with you.
  7. They are nice girls.
  8. They come with VIP passes to listen to music.
  9. You will keep them forever.
  10. Everyone will love them too.

To discover even more about The Beatrix Girls make sure to stop by The Popstar Club.

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The Beatrix Girls MUSIC Is NOW Available on iTunes and Amazon:

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Get it on Amazon now!

Beatrix Girls available in Toys R Us nationwide October 14, 2013.

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