Harris Teeter Triples Trip

I ended up making it to Harris Teeter twice for triple coupons this week. My goal was to stock-up on chicken and beef broth, creamed soups, snacks and peanut butter. Those are the items we are actually out of. I also found some oranges rebagged for $1.00! Always check the produce clearance shelf. These oranges have a lot of life left in them, they were rebagged due to a tear in one of the big bags. My other big clearance find was Halloween ziploc bags for .90¢!

Trip #1

Trip #1

Shopping trip #1

Spent: $48.32
Saved: $67.80 or 58%

So not the best trip for triples. However, I did get (2) Gorton’s fish fillet bags and Tyson Chicken nuggets bag. Those (3) things added up to $13.22 or almost 1/3 of the total bill. Also I did not have great coupons for the crackers, however these will apply for my Nabisco rebate. Harris Teeter was out of many items on my list when I went Friday night.

Shopping Trip #2

Spent: $14.44
Saved: $35.27 or 71%

I forgot to take a picture, sorry! I went to a different Harris Teeter today and had much better luck with the stock. I bought more broth, mueller’s pasta, Skippy peanut butter, gravy, honey, syrup, eggs, hot dogs, re-fried beans, and (3) packs of goldfish crackers. Remember when I told you I left a compliment on the Pepperidge farm website? Well, I got my coupons this week. They sent (3) .50¢ off any Pepperidge product and (2) $1.00 off coupons. The .50¢ coupons made the goldfish .49¢ each today! That is about the best price I have paid for those!


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