Harris Teeter Triples! $256.06 for $89.22 = 65% Savings

Two trips to Harris Teeter for Triple Coupon Savings netted us $256.06 in groceries for $89.22.  That’s a 65% savings!  As we’ve told you before, by shopping sales,  using coupons, and stockpiling items at rock bottom prices, we are able to afford luxuries such as sushi and mussels.

On our first trip, we managed $129.63 for $44.73.  This was essentially an all triple coupons trip.

My husband made the second trip and here’s how he did:  $126.43 for $44.49.  The cashier even gave him the 5% senior citizen discount because he bagged his own groceries.  Mind you, my husband is NOT a senior citizen …  yet.

All tolled, we walked away with fifteen bags of vegetables, two eight-packs of paper towels, ten Zatarain’s entrees, two boxes of pierogies, two half gallons of ice cream, four boxes of Barber’s chicken, two cans of mandarin oranges, a bottle of Frank’s hot sauce, a bag of gummy bears, four cans of soup, two boxes of Fiber One snack bars, a bottle of orange juice, a jar of Newman’s Own pasta sauce (one of our favorites), and a bag of Chex mix.  Our extras (for which I had no coupons) included mussels, sushi, sausage, sourdough bread, grapes and basting brushes (since grilling season is upon us).

Harris Teeter Triple coupon deals run through Tuesday, March 27th.  Check out the deals here and let us know how you do.  We’d love to feature your deals on our Real Deals page!

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