Harris Teeter Triple trip #1

harris teeter

$47.50 saved $110.04

$47.50 saved $110.04

My totals are off because I didn’t check my receipt before I left. I was in a hurry the  little one was hungry…. They charged me $2.95 for gerber puffs that were half eaten and already paid for! We brought them in with us.  So I guess my total should be $3.00 less since I paid for something I already owned. I would be mad however I saved $110.04 buying items that my family eats or uses.

Here are the items that were not on the rock bottom list that I bought  AFTER I gave the cashier my 20 coupons I wanted to triple! (coupon order counts)

Air freshner buy one get one free $12.99 I needed 3 so I bought 3 I used 3 $6.00 off coupon final cost for all 3 was $1.50 (you can only buy one at HT and get 1/2 off)

Huggies wipes $3.99 – $.50 coupon final price $1.50

Juicy Juice boxes 2 for $4 used the $.50 off coupon paid $2.50 for two boxes of juice boxes

Magic Clean erasers (got the coupon from the homemade simple book that Renae suggested you order see POST below) $3.15- $.75 coupon final price $.90 each box

Ragu sauce $2.69 each had to buy 2 to get the $.75 off so I ended up paying $3.13 for both jars

Toll house chocolate chips $2.85 -$.50= $1.35 a bag

Beech NUT cookies 2 for $4.00 I had a buy one get one coupon so $2.00 for both boxes

The rest of the stuff I bought came from the rock bottom deals list and the free and cheap list.

So I keep telling every use coupons to buy the stuff you are already buying. Do you need to buy all your food with coupons? NO! If you just bought your consumables think of the money you would save.

I paid nothing for those 3 rolls of paper towels saved $7.65

Paid 50% for the huggies wipes save $4.50 there

Paid $1.80 instead of $6.30  for those magic erasers

The above items totaled a savings of almost $20.00

Do you coupon? Well you should! If you want to be successful you need to be organized. Get a system! I suggest ours because it works. It was designed by two teachers, two busy moms, and two woman who SPEND less!

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