Harris Teeter Trip

Harris teeter trip saved $113.00

Wow the holiday is over after being gone for two weeks we were missing a couple of things. This is how I shop. I am NOT an extreme couponer. I have a $125 a week budget for a family of five including diapers and household goods. I spend every penny every week. I try to donate items weekly. The picture is missing the $13.00 in sodas and $10.00 in snack I dropped off at my daughter and son’s school. I must admit I did not get my coupons yet. I order them already cut. If you follow my site you know I hate cutting coupons. I must also admit that both of our printers were out of ink. I was able to print out a couple of coupons but not much. I used the sales flyer and supplemented what I have in the freezer. Our stockpile is not as large as it once was since I donated 11 bags of food to the food bank for the holidays.

I believe in spending my time wisely I only buy what my family eats. I only put my coupons in my solution for the foods we eat. I go to one store a week . The store I pick has the most items that we use on sale. I believe time is money. When I was teaching I made $35 a hour. I feel that if I spend 2 hours working on keeping our grocery bill on budget than I have made money. I firmly believe it is not what you SAVE but what you Spend.

I used my list from my site and I printed out the coupons I could. Then I went to the store with my Madame Deals Solution.(Win one)

I spent $118.00 and I saved $113.00 ….  I have three reasons why I coupon shop


Since I started couponing in April 2009 I have put away 10k towards their college fund. I use coupons for everything. It only takes a minute to find a good deal.  You can find retail coupons HERE. In 2012 set a goal and keep it! I have to keep mine their educational future depends on it.

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