Harris Teeter Trip

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter

So I spent $46.84… Sounds like a lot after Gina’s amazing trip however I saved $132.03. Still not that impressed I bought LOBSTER for dinner! (I used my raincheck from Father’s day to get 2 lobsters for $10.00)

Still not amazed $10.00 was spent of lunch meat I got 5 packages.

I also got a package of diapers for $8.99- $3.00 coupons and $2.00 off store coupon. (Yup that $3.99 for a package of diapers)

Oh yes and then there was the dog’s food $5.49- $3.00 off in coupons so $2.49 for pedigree dog food. (note- I doubled the coupon amount in accordance with the sale)

Are you still wondering if you should attend our workshop?

The rest of the items in the picture totaled $20.00

the advil was $4.99-$2.00 in coupons= $2.99

Tide $5.99- $2.00= $3.99

Hefty ziplock bags $2.50-$2.00= $.50

Frosted mini wheat 2 boxes FREE I had a buy one box coupon free

2 hot dog packages FREE

Yogurt $5.00-$2.00= $3.00 coupon

Milk $2.39 -$3.00 in coupons FREE used a coupon if you buy a oreo product you get $1.50 off a gallon of MILK

Oreo Cakestar $3.39-$2.00= $1.39

Pasta $2.29- $2.00= $.29

2 Old Spice deodorants $3.88-$4.00 FREE

1 Secret Roll On $1.94- $2.00 FREE

1 Reach Dental Floss $2.59- $2.00= $.59

Candy bars buy 2 get 3 free. I had two buy one get one free coupons so I got all 5 for FREE

2 Ocean Spray juices $4.79-$3.00= $1.79 or $.90 each

1 Juicey Juice $2.99-$2.00= $.99

non -coupon items

Banquet pot pie $.57

croutons $1.00

Goldfish $1.66

Bagel $.70

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