Harris Teeter paid $77.60 Saved $127.05

harris teeter

It isn’t what you save, it is what you spend. More importantly, did you get what you needed? If you do not need it do not buy it no matter how cheap it is; even if it is free. Why, would I say that? Because free is never free. Think of it this way, you used one coupon out of your 20 on something you didn’t need. You paid tax on it. You now have to store it in your home. I strive to show you my reality what we eat and how I do it on $100.00 a week. That hundred bucks  feeds a family of four with healthy food and keeps my daughter in diapers with a bottle full of formula.

So due to my inability to find my connector to my camera I only have one picture from my two Harris Teeter Trips. It is the one above.

I dipped into next weeks grocery budget to get my food while it is available at the triple coupon price. That is just fine. I will not go over to the following week. I went over by $3. I know no big deal but I was a little upset. That means I have $100- $35.74 from my second trip= $64.26- $3.00 that I over spent  from last week so I have $61.26. Problem I do not have ANY more room in my refrigerator or cabinets….

Menu for next week

Monday- Roasted Chicken from last week

Tuesday- HT Port Roast $.99LB

Wednesday-  Sausage and Peppers on sale at HT used coupon $3.99- $1.65= $2.34

Thursday- Pork chops from the freezer

Friday- Taco pie with the corn muffin mix from martha white HT ground beef $1.99

Saturday- Spaghetti and meatballs and sausage from Wed and the Meat and from Friday. The base of the  sauce is from stockpile I spent $.38 on the jar and I will add the meat and fresh herbs

Sunday- Chicken thigh bought at HT for $.42 LB

Still need lunch meats and a couple of veggies not even close to $60.00 so I can put that money toward something else.

Here are some of the deals I found buy 2 welch grape jellies $2.99 each used (2) $.75 off coupon paid just $.74 each then I had a coupon that you get $1.00 off you milk and then another coupon if you bought a gallon of milk you get a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk for FREE (so for 2 jellies a gallon of milk and a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk was…. $3.00 spent and $10.49 was retail value so I saved $7.49.

Promise Buy one get one free $2.99 .  I bought two and used (2) $1.25 off coupons so I paid $.49 for two things of butter

Blue bunny ice cream paid $.74 for the container less than the cost of one  cone

Sorento string cheese $2.69 had $2.00 off coupon just $.69 for cheese sticks (son’s favorite) bought 3 (you can freeze them)

Kraft shredded cheese $1.69 used $1.00 coupon $.69 bought 3 (also goes in the freezer I am stockpiling)

I also did the breakfast meal deal for $5.00 I got the eggs, english muffins, bacon, and orange juice (make egg sandwiches or mini pizzas)

Again BUY what you need because it is what you spend NOT what you save.

I got 68 items for $77.60 that included all the meat, produce, milk, eggs, laundry soap, cheese sticks, gerber baby food and snacks.



  1. madamedeals says

    Why are you so upset? I mean, just worry about yourself and what you got. What other people purchase is not up to your discretion. If other people want junk, then they can get that. I mean, you didn’t get the most healthy items yourself (delights, sausage). People may have intentions of donating the items to people who are less fortunate. You never know what people are going to do with their purchases. Just do you.

    Comment left
    My response:
    You are right. The point of my rant was to say to save money just buy what your family uses or what you are going to donate. I offended you and that was not my intention at all. I am truly sorry. It was just to teach people to watch what they spend. It seems in America we are taught to buy, buy, buy…. Sale, Sale, Sale… but is it really worth it? Could we be doing better with our spending by not spending so much on “junk” being defined as things we really do not need. I think most people are in debt because they buy into the we have to have more but I know we can all do with less. I know my family can and we are working on making our lives about what is important not was is available to purchase. I am trying to teach people that the money you have is limited so buy what you need and save the rest for a rainy day.
    Respectfully, Amee

  2. k. in virginia says

    Thanks for this post! I just started couponing last month, and really have been vexed about buying the types of prepared foods that I am not used to buying. This was an important read for me.

  3. madamedeals says

    Your welcome use your coupons to buy what your currently buy and pay less. I would use coupons to buy your paper towels, toilet paper, beauty products, cleaning supplies, and the items you use. I use coupons for milks, juice, organic products, veggies (food lion coupons), diapers, formula, meat etc. , cheese, yogurt, cereal, and some snacks. If you really want to SAVE money do not Spend it on things you do not need. Keep up the hard work making dollars out of change is hard work!

  4. Christine says

    I jusr had this same conversation with my husband this morning! Some of the things people post they got cheap or free are foods that are so unhealthy. The high sodium and fat content conributes to an unhealthy diet which could lead to medical problems like high cholesterol or blood pressure that will cost more money to address than the $5 they saved. It’s important to look at the big picture, long term.

  5. madamedeals says

    I am not referring to junk necessarily as food but to products that are bought just because they are cheap. I think as consumers we buy things we do not need because they are cheap. They still cost money and although I got “x” product for $.50 it is still $.50 I could have saved because I really didn’t need the product. I think it is important to focus on what your family needs and find ways to get those items for less. I agree eating healthy is important and process foods are not great for us but some of them are yummy. It really is about finding balance in the way you live your life, what you eat, and what you buy.

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