Harris Teeter, Kroger & Rite Aid Shopping Trips

I did it! I finally got to Harris Teeter for Super Double coupons. We have had a three week period of illness for my family. I have done very little shopping except for the necessities. It was nice to get out for a bit today- although it took me two hours to get ready for this trip! My coupons are a mess! The results make it well worth it though!

Harris Teeter

I focused on the General Mills deal at Harris Teeter. This took a majority of my coupons since the limit is only 20 that will double. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to return to Harris Teeter before the event is over.

Harris Teeter #1

For the General Mills Promo I bought:

(6) Green Giant Boxed Vegetables at $0.99 ea. : used (2) $0.50/1 & (1) $1/3 coupons
(2) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls at $1.67 ea. : used $1/2 coupon
(2) Pillsbury Sweet Rolls at $1.67 ea. : used $1/2 coupon
(2) Pillsbury Grands! at $0.99 ea.: used $1/2 coupon
(2) Pillsbury Italian Bread at $1.67 ea.: used $1/2 coupon
(2) Pillsbury Sweet Moments at $2.50 ea.: used (2) $1.50/1 coupons
(2) Pillsbury Frozen Grands! at $2.50 ea.: used $1/2 coupon
(1) YoPlus Yogurt at $2: used $1/1 coupon
(1) Yoplait Splitz at $2 : used $0.50/1 coupon

Saved $6 instantly
Paid: $3.96

I was supposed to get back a $2 catalina coupon for the Green Giant and a $3 catalina for the Pillsbury. The catalina machine was broken so the wonderful manager gave me $5 plus the tax! Love my Harris Teeter!

Harris Teeter #2

(I only did one transaction, but the above items escaped my first picture!)

Other items it bought were:

(4) Ritz Munchables- ended up being $0.99 ea. after double coupon
(1) Oatmeal- FREE after double coupon
(1) Bread- $0.77 after eVic
(1) Harris Teeter Cheese- $0.97 after eVic
(1) Coffee Mate- $1.90 after double coupon
(1) Terra Chips- $1.99 after double coupon (my splurge- love them!)
(1) Danimals- FREE after double coupon
(1) Hormel Pork Loin- $6.99 after double coupon (This was an error that I just caught! They are buy one, get one free this week and mine rang at $8.99 before the coupon. Should have been $2.99 after double coupon)

In total, I paid $14.38 at Harris Teeter after the manager gave me the $5 cash! I saved $80.18.


I went to Kroger primarily for the Kraft cheese, milk and produce. Plus I had (4) Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat coupons that were for FREE products that expired today (I received those at BlogHer!). I also get my gas at Kroger since it is the cheapest around with the Fuel Points.


I spent $19.68 and saved $50.64 or 73%. Of course a big percentage of that was the lunchmeat! The other items I purchased are listed on the Kroger Coupon Matchups.

Rite Aid

I don’t have a picture for you because it was not that exciting! I just did the diaper deal. My scenario was a little different than what I posted on the Rite Aid Coupon Matchups.

(2) Huggies Jumbo Diapers at $8.99
(1) Pull-ups at $8.99

Used (1) $5/$25 coupon
Used (1) $4/2 Huggies coupon
Used (1) $2/1 Pullups coupon
Used $5 Rite Aid gift card
Paid $12.10 including tax, I got back (3) $2 +UP Rewards and I will submit for the $10 gift card.

Overall, I was very satisfied with my shopping today! I have a huge freezer stockpile of meat and several items in my pantry that I will be making meals from this week.

How did you do? Score any great deals?

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