Harris Teeter just can't get enough

So I thought I would show my cousin the value of coupons. She is getting married this weekend so one of her presents from us is her very own (see for yourself) Madame Deals Coupon Organization System. I think she thought I lost my mind. I decided to show her the value of our product by taking her on a shopping trip.

I wanted to make the experience real for her so I asked her to buy a couple of things to contribute to our household since she will be staying with us for 4 days. I handed her some pancake syrup and ice cream toppings. I know not necessities but useful when making 11 people pancakes and then severing those 11 people dessert.

She handed the lady her items. Then she scanned my HT card. $4.26. I passed over the two coupons she would need for her purchase. BEEP BEEP. The total left after coupons $.50 for the syrup and $.06 total for the tax and ice cream topping. I thought she was going to freak out….. Her eyes got wide and she searched in her purse for change… She is currently sitting beside me filling her system with coupons.. Ah, I converted her. Are you ready to SPEND 13%?

So what did I get?

Spent $38.43

Spent $38.14

Yes,  I saved $85.24

What are we eating this week with the addition of 7 people and 4 are adults.? I know you have seen the rest of my groceries but I have a full secret….  And I bought a Ham for $18.17 at Sam’s club.

My freezer full of meat

My freezer full of meat and ice cream (dinner and dessert)

I can’t believe I have the nerve to post my pathetic freezer (my secret) but I didn’t want to post just the random items I bought. The secret to coupon shopping is stocking up when items are cheap.

Here is my menu this week

Tonight we had the Ham $18.17 from Sam’s club

Tuesday- Chicken thighs

Wednesday- Pot roast

Thursday- Strombolli (using ham)

Friday- Steak (freezer)

Lunch- took out the turkey lunch meat from the freezer and a loaf of bread, chicken with the FREE Barbeque sauce, quiche using ham, Mac and cheese with ham and without, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette dressing with fresh mozzarella cheese (from the freezer cheese freezers very well).

Breakfast- eggs, bacon (found in freezer), banana bread, pancakes with $.50 syrup, cereal because I have tons of that in the stockpile

Dessert -Why, ice cream of course since I spent about $10.00 total for 5 gallons and 10 different ice cream toppings. I figure that should last us the week. Yes, I am going to make brownies from my stockpile from the last time Harris Teeter did triples…

Where are the veggies and fruit? We are headed to the farmers market to grab some fresh fruit and veggies. I have also been lucky to have friends share their garden bounties with us.

Plan, organize, and achieve!!!

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