Harris Teeter Clearance Finds

Harris Teeter seems to be having a major clearance on health & beauty items and pet supplies. Reader Adrienne told us this morning that the Harris Teeter at Barracks Road in Charlottesville has several carts full of stuff! I was at the Crozet store yesterday and found several carts of clearance too.

It is impossible to list the items and items will vary by store. Here is a glimpse of what was available this morining:

In the pet food bin there was Purina GoodBites, Snausages, Kibbles & Bits food, Ceasar Treat Pouches, Milk-Bone, Tiny T-Bonz and more!
In the facial products cart there were a lot of Olay Regenerist & Definity items, some Neutrogena, L’Oreal, Nivea, Clearasil, Biore, Phisoderm and  Clean & Clear.  
In the scented products cart there were Glade, Renuzit and Oust products.

Here is the deal with Harris Teeter clearance items. When they ring up clearance items, it registers as a discounted item. It doesn’t register the name of the product with the computer. Therefore, when the coupons are scanned, they beep. This is no big deal but it will require a manager override. You may want to give the cashier a heads up. Show them the items and coupons you have and ask for the manager ahead of time. This will make the transaction go more smoothly!

Take along your extra coupons to Harris Teeter this week! You may be able to score some FREE items.

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  1. Monika J. says

    Watch for Vicks (variety) to be $2.19 — (if the coupon is still good – I am sitting outside watching the kiddo’s and don’t have my binder near me)

    I got two of those, and a big package of tissues for $1.40 (plus tax) !!! awesome to me!!!


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