Harris Teeter Trip

super doubles

The super doubles….

I spent $70.24. I had two children with me and the only reason I made it through my trip was because I was organized. I bet you are thinking, well $70.24 is still a lot. So was it worth the work I did to spend $70.24? I think so. I got $233 worth of food for $70.24. I took this opportunity to stockpile my meat.

I got 3 bags of shrimp $25.98 total

1 bag of muscles $3.99 total

3 packages of boneless and skinless chicken breast $11.15 total

2 packages of London Broil $9.87 total

2 Packages of steak cubed beef $2.81 total

Some items I got for FREE

Dawn Dish Soap from home made simple coupon book (we always tell you to order this free booklet)

Lysol Wipes

J&J baby oil small size

2 Blistex lip balms

Under $.50

Turkey Hill Tea $.25 each (coupon from paper)

Electrasol $.50 (coupon from paper)

Beech Nut baby cookies $.35 (used $1.00 off coupon from past paper)

Have a fun time…… I figure I made about $45 based on what I didn’t spend and the approximate 3 hours I put into this, including the shopping trip. Have you entered our contest to win the Madame Deals Coupon Solution?


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