Harlem Globetrotters Review

I am about ready to write my Harlem Globetrotters Review and my littlest asks me what I am doing. I told him. He told me to tell all of you it was so cool and Globie is his best friend.

Harlen Globetrotters Review

Harlem Globetrotters Review

We decided to take a chance and bring our three children to the Globetrotters. I have fond memories of the Globetrotters and I thought that my children would also like them. What I didn’t anticipate is my husband having such a great time.  He was laughing and clapping along with the kids. In fact I was surprised that there was something for everyone at the show. The skits were great and the tricks were amazing.

Harlem Globetrotters review

  We really enjoyed the jokes. The kids had a super time watching Globie and the players. I had a great time watching my children enjoying the show. They were clapping and dancing and singing. In fact they were so entertained that I didn’t even end up buying them snacks to keep them in their seats. I would like to tell everyone at the end they allowed the fans to meet the players and had them sign autographs. I thought that was a great idea. If our children we older and they weren’t so tired we would have gotten their signatures. The only problem was my son now wants to go back and see his Globie. They went out and played basketball today and yesterday so I believe our trip to the Globetrotters was a success and I encourage you to attend with or without your children it was that good!

The tickets were given to me so I could do a review of the event. I am honest in what I do and see and if we liked it or not. You can see from our pictures that we had a great family night out!

This is my FAVORITE this is my littlest talking about the Globetrotters

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