Happy #MotherFunny Thanksgiving From NickMom

NickMom and I Wish You a #MotherFunny Thanksgiving

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When I need a laugh, I head to Nickmom for my daily dose of #MotherFunny. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I head there more often because I need to know that I am not alone.  My Thanksgiving’s are not like the ones you see on Pinterest and I can assure you that I will not be appearing on HGTV or The Food Network anytime soon. Let’s be honest, the only way I will be appearing on television is if I finally snap one Thanksgiving and the police have to come talk me down. I can see the headline now, “Michigan Woman Snaps and Catapults Turkey Into Her Crowded Living Room.”

There is nothing super special about my family but you can be guaranteed that at any holiday you will leave with enough stories to keep your friends and co-workers entertained till the next holiday. That is why Nickmom makes me feel normal, even though I am not. There are other families just like mine. Yes, we could all qualify to be part of an act at the circus.

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 The first year that I cooked Thanksgiving dinner,resulted in an upside down bird with a bag left in its neck cavity. I was so worried about cleaning out his behind that I missed his neck. Now why stuff things in two places. I will tell you why! To confuse the heck out of the first time cook. When I went to plate the beloved Turkey, it fell apart and off the bone. Good thing no one was expecting a full breast.

The holidays, however, get better when you have kids because now you can blame them for all your short comings. You have instant built in excuses and the pressure of homemade pies and side dishes just melts away. Plus you can’t be help accountable when the kids decide to play Rudolph on Thanksgiving because your mother has already decorated for Christmas.

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Before you know it the dog is an honorary reindeer and you don’t know who wants a drink more. Do you or is the dog just quietly praying you leave. I am sure the dog wonders some days if she really picked the right family.

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The best time always comes when you wrangle everyone up for a family picture.You want a picture like this.

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Instead you end up with one like this.

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So before you stress out over preparing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, head over to Nickmom and read the funny true stories of moms like you and I. Let me welcome you to the #MotherFunny Club.


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    You guys look like a super fun family! That’s what holidays are all about! I really missed my Uncle Bert this Thanksgiving because it just wasn’t as fun. He’s usually the life of the party and the bearer of Tequila. OH well. Hopefully next year! Thank Goodness for NickMom for letting us all know that we’re more normal than we think we are. #client

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