Happy 10th Anniversary weekend to us!


I thought I would share our how we met story….

My Alpha Xi Delta sisters met some “Navy guys” at Pleasure Island. This is a Disney owned club so don’t get any funny ideas. My friend Amy met “some” guy named Chris (who became her husband) and they hung out. (This is the picture from their wedding.)

Mat, Me, Amy, Chris

There was a bit of drama since Karen also thought Chris was cute. Amy decided that wasn’t going to happen so when she found out these “Navy guys” were coming to Gainesville to hang  out. We were going as well.  She made me come to the party.  I went to the party because Amy was adament Chris was something special.  I was in charge of driving for the evening because I was not drinking .

We got to the party which was at a friend’s of Mr. Madame Deals’ house.  I was watching TV until I saw Mr. Madame Deals … TV? what TV? We didn’t actually talk at the party. I know I was quiet. Shock! I did turn to my best friend Tracy after we saw Mr. Madame Deals and we both said “mine” at the same time. We all decided to go dancing from this house party.  I loaded the girls in my car and off we went. While Tracy and were in the car we both decided we would not approach Mr. Madame Deals  We got to the club and Mr. Madame Deals walked right up to me and asked me if I smoke? I usually had guys ask me my name first so I was a little shocked. I said, “no”.  He said,”good”. Yes,  Mr. Madame Deals had the moves….. Not! Then he disappeared. He came back with a beer for me.  I never drink when I drive so I gave Tracy the beer and I kept Mr. Madame Deals. This is also funny because I had spent 15 minutes explaining to everyone at the house that I can not drink even a sip if I was in charge of driving Mr. Madame Deals must have missed all of that..

We spent the rest of the night dancing; which luckily I had on steel toe boots! Ha , Ha Ha.  Mr. Madame Deals is great at many things but dancing may not be one of them. We all had a super time.  Then we went to part ways I gave  Mr. Madame Deals a kiss on the cheek which he still teases me about for “putting the moves on him” and we left. I want the record to state that soon after Mr. Madame Deals got a cell phone so he could call me and a car so he could drive to Gainesville. That must have been some cheek kiss ha? I guess so!  That is the big story about when we met. I think the above description is close to what actually happen although time changes everything.

I just wanted to tell my husband the one thing has never changed over the years is I still love you!

I think you are the best husband because of who you are and that you adore me and the kids.


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