Halloween Make Up for Kids: Easy Comic Book Character Make Up

Halloween Make Up for Kids: Easy Comic Book Character Make Up


Halloween is a big deal in our house, we love all the spooky decorations, fun food, and awesome costumes. This year my daughter has decided she wants to be Batgirl (which I was very excited about because I didn’t want her to be 1 of 300 Elsa’s out Trick-Or-Trearing lol) and we thought a great way to make her costume stand out was with a great Halloween make up for kids idea! So we thought it would be a really cool idea to do an Easy Comic Book Character Make Up! And it only costs $3 to do! Ready to learn how to do it? Let’s do it!



First, Make sure you start out with a clean, dry face. Put the hair back and start out with a base coat of white facepaint. You will only use 3 colors (white, red, and blue)and  a black eye pencil. I found a Kit at Wal Mart with all of that for $3!



Next, You will use your black eye pencil to outline the lips, the sides of the nose, the chin, and the eyebrows. We chose a blue for the eyes to keep with the comic book color scheme. You could also use yellow, or black. We also added an outline of a tear drop.



Then, Fill in the lips and fill in the tear drop. For the lips I recommend using a liquid face paint, it looks shinier, and will last longer.


Last, It’s time to add your dots! Starting at the top of the face, I found it easier to go across from one side to the other, that way you don’t smudge dots while working down the face. Follow the line of the face for the dots. *Tip- before letting your comic book character run around to save the world, make sure the dots are dry or they will smudge, and then you will have to start all over, ask me how I know 😉


And that’s it! It’s super easy to do and I personally think it looks awesome! You could pair this make up with a super hero costume or regular clothes for an awesome Halloween look!

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