Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008

I can’t believe it is time to start thinking about Halloween! Have you bought costumes yet or picked a theme? Or are you like me and haven’t thought about it much? I was at the local consignment shop, The Goodie Bag, the other day and they had such cute costumes! They were reasonably priced too. My first tip for a costume shopping would be hitting the consignment sales in the next few weeks.

Another great idea is to trade costumes. I know our local mom’s group did this last year. Get together with a bunch of friends and swap or you can e-mail out a list of all of the available costumes and sizes.

What if you want a new costume or your child is requesting to be a particular character? There are many costume stores online offering great deals right now. You should order soon for the best selection and to ensure it ships in time.


The other option is to get creative and make a costume. What are some ideas for a homemade costume?


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