Hair Cut Disaster


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I know that getting a haircut for most of us is a luxury. I mean when else can I sit down in a chair and have someone do something for me? It isn’t often. It is nice to have your hair brushed and styled. It is something I look forward to doing. I like to get a different hair style each season. I have it shaped or colored or something new done because frankly I get bored. I always buy a magazine and pick my hairstyle.

  This picture is my hairstyle after I went to the salon and the picture of what I asked for. Yes, it is not the same. I wondered when I got home did I miss something? Did I not say “This is what I want.” I asked the readers on my facebook page if they can tell the difference between the two. I was told that I should have paid extra to have it styled by the readers. I guess I assumed when you pay for a cut and blow dry it should look like the picture you brought in.I also wasn’t offered an option of paying more to have it look like the picture. They took the time to straighten my hair and style it the way it was when I walked into the salon.

  This morning I got up wondering if my hair was cut in a way that I could do the style in the picture above. I washed my hair. Then I put in gel and some frizz stuff. I threw in a couple of curls and separated it with my fingers.  I can tell the cut isn’t the one in the pictures and I am not even a stylist. She doesn’t have long pieces and my hair cut does. I guess these days you need more than a picture.

I was however able to get it close to the picture so this wasn’t a total haircut disaster.

hair cut disaster

Do you have tips on how I can get the style I came into the salon asking for? Did I do something wrong?

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  1. Cute do. I wish I could get my unruly hair to cooperate that way. No I have never heard of paying more to have it styled like the pic instead of the way they choose.

  2. Although you’ve managed to make it look cute, you should politely call and talk to the salon owner. Explain what happened and how disappointed you are with the cut you received. If they are a reputable company they should offer to fix it. Don’t let them give you the same stylist again, though. I had that happen years ago, and I refused to let the same person correct it. They had a more experienced stylist re-cut it, and it turned out much better. Everyone has an off day, but any salon should be willing to correct a problem for a dissatisfied customer. Stand up for yourself! Don’t settle for less than what you asked for. There is an obvious difference between the picture and the cut you received. Your stylist did not listen to what you asked for. Address the problem respectfully, and I bet you will get an offer to fix what’s wrong. Good luck!

    • I totally agree with this commenter. Go back and ask them to make it look like the photo you brought in originally. Hopefully, you didn’t tip the stylist that gave you the first haircut. I don’t leave the salon until I get the style I asked for. I also ask beforehand if my hair can look like the one in the photo I bring. That way they can’t say I don’t have the right texture (or, whatever) AFTER cutting it.

  3. I agree with Allyson above. You need to call and speak with the owner or manager. Explain that you do not have the cut/style that you requested and that you are extremely dissatified. If it is a reputable salon, they will fix it for you. If not, surely you know the power of the media. A bad referral can do so much more harm than a good referral can help, especially coming from a blogger.

    You would counsel us to do no less than to stand up for a purchase we made.

  4. I’ve been a hair stylist for 15 years and if she blow dried and flat ironed it, that is considered styling it! The cut is not what you asked for, I’m guessing she just didn’t know how to do it. I would go back and ask for the manager (I hope isn’t her!) to redo the cut. Sometimes people want a certain hair style that is not possible for their hair type or it’ll look different because of color but that is the stylist job to go over that and explain it to you and get on the same page as you especially since you brought in a picture! From what I can see, your hair can be done in that style! Hope that helps some.