Haans HS20 AllPro hand steamer is a dream

This is a treat Mr. Madame Deals complete the review of Haans HS20 AllPro steam hand held steamer. The reason is simple he loves to clean. I feel as his wife it is my duty to provide him with the tools that make him happy. yes, I realize how lucky I am to have a husband that loves to clean. I will happily continue to buy Haans products for as long as we both shall live.

Mr. Madame Deals Review:

The HAAN HS20 AllPro has proven to be the best handle-held steamer in its class.

For the last 5 years I have gone thru three different handheld steam cleaner and the HAAN HS20 AllPro has proven to be the most powerful, user friendly device steam device to clean the hard to reach places in our household. The steamer excels on small jobs such as counter tops, trash cans, toilets and mirrors. Where I love this product is on walls (finger prints, crayons, and smug marks) to combat tough stains that normal cleaning products can not remove.

Compared to the competitors, the product comes with some really cool features such as the steam “lock” mode that allows you continuous steam without having your fingers on the trigger. Another cool feature is the quick heat up time functionality (takes only 3-4 minutes to heat up and produce steam). Product is light-weight and comes with an extended reach cord that is ideal in large living room spaces. Final note, if you have leather couches that tend to track dirt and filth, this handheld steamer is awesome – just simply spray some leather cleaner on the couch and hit it with the steamer and watch the filth erode away. I give the product 3.5 out of 4 in the Madame Deals household. The .5% would be awarded if my wife would use  the handheld steam cleaner more often then myself perhaps if it was pink with flowers.


Back to Mrs. Madame Deals. I love the HAAN HS20 AllPro steamer it is the gift that keeps giving and you can rest assure it will always be in our home and my heart.  If you are interested in a cleaning tool that works I suggest checking out the HAAN HS20 AllPro steamer.

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  1. Nancy Dadey says

    I love the shape of the nozzle for getting into hard to reach places. The lock feature would be helpful.

  2. leah says

    I love the “lock” mode that way you dont have too hold you finger on the trigger because with other ones I know my finger gets very tired and “crampy”.

  3. Ellen says

    I like that it has an extended cord also, that is most people’s complaints in the reviews of other ones that I’ve read.

  4. Tracie Vandermeulen says

    I like the handheld concept sometimes getting out the giant cleaner is just too much of a pain.

  5. Lulu says

    I’ll need to check into getting myself one. I love my steam Vac. It is so easy to transport to. My walls could really use one. Tired of scrubbing with a sponge.

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