H2-Ion Thermal-Activated Hair-Repair Serum only $19! ($79.95 List Price)

Pamper your hair and treat it with a high-end product that won’t hurt your budget. Grab this chance to pay only $19 for H2-Ion Thermal-Activated Hair-Repair Serum ($79.95 List Price)! Heat-activated serum uses ionic technology that combines with heat to restore and revitalize dry, damaged hair from the inside out. Just add $3 shipping fee.


  • Ideal for repairing dry, brittle hair and split ends
  • H2 ions restructure hair at a molecular level, resulting in smoother, stronger hair
  • Moisture-infusion microbeads contain rare Sonoran jojoba extracts that mimic hair’s own moisturizing compounds
  • Penetrates deep into the hair shaft, moisturizing locks from the inside out as it repairs broken protein bonds
  • Innate healing properties activated by the gust of a blow-dryer or the breath of a chili-cook-off judge
  • Provides salon-fresh hair for up to a week after a single use
  • Works with all hair types and styles
  • Dimensions: 6.25”x2.25”x2.25”

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