Gyro Metal Spy-Camera RC Helicopter, $65 Shipped ($130 Value)

If you know someone who collects RC helicopter then better check out this deal!

Right now, pay only $59 for a Gyro Metal Spy-Camera 3.5CH RC Helicopter! This is $130 in value, so you save 55% off. This glides in any direction & records color footage with built-in high-resolution camera & stabilizing gyroscope. This includes a 1-gigabyte micro SD card for capturing video. An additional $6 shipping fee will be charged at checkout.

In the box:
One remote-controlled helicopter with built-in camera
3.5-channel radio control
1-gigabyte micro SD card for capturing video
USB micro SD card reader
Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery charger

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  1. mario says

    That helicopter is the chinese version and that version don´t cost 130$ .

    sorry to inform you.

    I now that because I have one and the only thing that´s different is the colour of the front of the body and the design of the blades .

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