Follow up to my Fashion Friday post

Spent just $35.45

Spent just $35.45


1) look at what your children have for next summer

2) determine what they need based on what they have or what they didn’t have from this year

3) determine what items they got a lot of wear out of and what they didn’t

4) make a list of what you need to buy

5) go to your coupon organization system and see if you have a coupon for your favorite store

6) Then go to Deal Taker and check to see if there are online coupon codes for the store you will be shopping at.(located on the side of our website) They also have super sales so take a peek!

7)  Next go to plastic jungle (also located on our side bar) and find a gift card for the amount you have budgeted (note you bid on gift cards so you can get more money on the card then what you actually pay)

8) Grab your gift card, coupons or coupon codes, and bring your list with you to the store you have selected or go online and go shopping

Here is my Gymboree deal-

I love to use my GYM Bucks to snag amazing deals. I also have a Gymboree credit card. I get an additional 5% off my purchase. I got this credit card because I love Gymboree. I use my credit card for EVERYTHING. In 3.5 months I earned $30.00 in giftcards. NOTE: I pay my credit card online daily. I use it as a debit card. DO NOT use a credit card if you can not pay the WHOLE balance each month. If you need help budgeting, then I would pay your card daily right out of your checking account like I do. This way I earn gift cards without incurring debt. I used them today to bring my total out of pocket to $35.45. The retail value of my purchase is $288.75 with tax $308.96.
So I spent 11.4% of the retail cost.

I got:
For my son
Bathing trunks
2 t-shirts
1 tank top

For my little girl
1 beach cover up dress
1 t-shirt
1 tank top
1 romper
1 jumpsuit
2 pairs of spring pants
1 spring jacket
1 dress

I did 2 transactions: one with my gymbucks and the other using a 20% off coupon and my credit card to get my additional 5% off .

Happy Shopping! The best way to save is to buy ahead!

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