Gutzy Gear: Teaching Kids to be brave

This is my Gutzy story. I was at the Reviewers Retreat in North Carolina. It is amazing conference where you sit at tables and meet brands. I met the cofounder of Gutzy Gear name Wendy. She had such a passion for Gutzy Gear that I was convinced it was the best product on Earth. The reason is simple the meaning behind it. We all know children want to express themselves. They are told what to wear and what to say. They now have a tool to express themselves and be creative. I was a teacher and I know how important self esteem is and how wonderful it is for kids to be part of something larger. I believe that trading Gutzy Gear patches can help children navigate new relationships.

I have a huge heart for Gutzy Gear as a company. I was recently in Chicago and I met the other founder, Lauren. She was as passionate as Wendy. We talk about a lot of things but the one the resonates with me was helping children be themselves and be proud of who they are. We further spoke about all the children in this country that wouldn’t have the opportunity to have new school supplies and how that will impact their school year. Lauren said,” Is there a way we can help with that.” You know I am a huge pay it forward blogger that believe I can help. We came up with an idea to stuff backpacks for as little as possible. Madame Deals along with 79 other bloggers have made it our mission to fill as many backpacks as we can. Our event will start August 10th- September 10th. I am sure it will be the first of many because Paying it Forward is Gutzy. I look forward to helping children become individuals and working with a brand I believe in and support.

You can tell by my video my children are Gutzy Gurus already!

We are throwing a back to school bash this August stay tuned for that fun post!


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