Gum Drop Swap: Online Children's Clothes Swap

Amee and I are often telling you about consigning or swaping clothes. There are several great local consignment shops. Amee has also told you how you can host your own clothing swap. I had the opportunity to review an online children’s clothing swap called Gum Drop Swap. The idea is that you send in your gently used clothes and they will send you back new to you clothes. Swapping can save you a ton of money. Also, by swapping online, you don’t have to worry about ¬†posting an ad or meeting someone in person.

How does it work?I gathered a few items my kids outgrew. I then registered for an account at Gum Drop Swap. After you are registered, just click on “Swap In”. There is a form to download and print out for you to tally your items on. I sent in overalls, a coverall outfit, (3) hats, a Christmas print shirt that was new w/tags and a turtleneck onesie. I packaged my items up, included the printed form and mailed them off via priority mail.

Easy right? Well, that is if the post office actually delivers packages! I did learn a bit of a lesson, pay  a little extra for tracking. It took my priority package eight days to arrive in Conneticut. Thank goodness Gabby at Gum Drop Swap took the effort to track down my package!

Anyways, once your clothes do arrive, Gum Drop Swap will evaluate them for cleanliness and wear. You will then be awarded Gum Drops which are like money. Your Gum Drops will be credited to your account and that is what you shop with. I ended up with 27 gum drops. It turns out the coverall I sent had a small stain that I did not see and the turtleneck showed signs of wear. When they say they want gently used clothes, they do mean it. There was nothing wrong with the turtleneck- no stains, just washed too many times I guess. I was pleased with my 27 gum drops though!

Once my account was credited the gum drops, I went shopping! I picked out (2) long sleeve shirts, a sweater and pajamas. This came to 20 gum drops. I was responsible for shipping costs so, I stayed under my 27 gum drops to help offset shipping.

Here is the negative to Gum Drop Swap- you don’t actually see what you are getting! Yes, you get to pick out the size, gender and category of clothing. However, you don’t actually get to see the actual clothes you are getting. The clothing brand and design are not revealed. It is a surprise! And surprises can be very good!

I received the above pictured items: Gymboree shirt, Carter’s shirt, Cherokee sweatshirt and Carter’s pajamas. I was very pleased with my items. They are very cute and in great shape. The sweatshirt is new with tags and the pajamas look new although there are no tags.

Gum Drop Swap offers a free trial period of 14 days. In this trial period you can purchase gumdrops and buy items to see first hand the quality of their clothes. A 3 month membership is $14.97 and a 1 year membership is $49.99. Potentially, you could swap clothes out every couple of weeks if you wanted. How fun would that be; new clothes every few weeks!


I was provided a month free membership Gum Drop Swap to review this program. I was not compensated in any other way.



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