Guess where my NIKE take me? #NikeFreeShip

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It wasn’t that long ago that I sat on my couch and thought WOW, I need to get up and get active. I did what any person would do and I went out to get the right equipment. I bought a pair of Nike shoes and a new work out outfit. I looked on my iPhone and found some music and I walked. I walked and I walked some more. I decided that was boring so I joined the gym. I told myself you need to go every class they have at 9:00 am and I did. I still do. I made this choice and I changed our diet so that I could keep up with my family. I wanted to make sure I could hike, swim, play soccer, and run with them. I want to be the mom that was involved not the mom on the sidelines. I want to be the parent that says I can do it. I want to Just Do It because I can. I take pride in the fact that the decision to get fit is mine and mine alone.  It is my choice alone to get up and work out or pass. I do not pass I take care of myself.


Every step brings me closer to my goal

I decided with every day I will get stronger. I will become closer to my goal of being in shape. I felt like I was doing great but I could do more, give more, and achieve more so I did what any person did I asked my friends to join me in this:

beach body

I am half way done and I feel great. I believe if you do not start somewhere  you will never get anywhere. To think it all started with an idea and a pair of NIKE sneakers.

Guess where my Nike take me?

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You are after all one pair of  Nike away from your version of success. Just Do It!

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