Groupon: Daily Deal up to 90% off


Have you looked into Groupon yet? Groupon is a site dedicated to offering one hot deal a day. Basically, you sign up and pick your local city or one you might visit soon. You will receive a daily email with details on that days Groupon. If enough people participate in the deal, “the deal is on!” If the minimum number of people do not buy that days Groupon, the deal is dead.

Groupon offers discounts for restaurants, entertainment, spa treatments and shopping. Many of the offers are for gift certificates. One offer last month was for a $50 gift certificate to Chevy Chase Supermarket in Maryland. You only had to pay $20 for the $50 gift certificate!

Groupon is available in mostly larger cities. If you are traveling this summer, I suggest you signup for the Groupon in the city you are headed to. You may be able to score a a great deal on eating out or entertainment!

You can also earn $10 in Groupon cash when you refer a friend and they make a purchase.

Has anyone used Groupon before?



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