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The big news here at Madame Deals is I stopped doing grocery store match-ups in the traditional way. I own a business yes, Madame Deals makes money,  In fact my blog helps support several families get the extras they want and need and in some cases helps them meet their bills. That is really the point right to help others save and to help others live their dream. I opened the Job Board to hire more of you so you could also benefit from being part of the site. I believe Madame Deals is a community and in a community you support one another. I hope that you share my content daily because the more I make the more I can give. It is really that simple.

I recently attended a blogging conference and I looked at where I was spending my income and what my return on investment was. I noticed my store deals section was costing me $29.99 a month for the database for coupons which I will keep for you but I am going to the $9.99 plan. That gives me $20 a month to hire readers with. Then I pay about $60 a week on matching the coupons and creating, promoting, and sharing the posts. That is another $240 a month. Then I have to pay to host those store deals  for forever and I pay for that nifty format at about $170 a year or something crazy like that. I do not make even close to that monthly on coupon prints. I decided after researching my click through… (the number of people using the deals )that I was not making $100- $150 a week on them. I decided as a business owner that the match ups aren’t good for my bottom line. I also noticed my store like Kroger has discontinued its  coupon policy Krogers double coupon policy which makes the match ups not that great. I personally will not cut out a coupon for $.25 off of two products. I figured I was in the majority. We are going to provide you different ways to save. The methods that I use and my team use to make every penny count and how we make dollars out of change. We are working on our series called the $5 savings plan. We even have a series on how to live on less than 30,000 a year. I am just an extremely normal coupon shopper and I feel that the majority of you my readers are the same. I have a series on how to shop and save using our extremely normal coupon series.

I decided instead to invest the money instead in you. Hummmm, How does that work? I am going to ask that you submit real deals. That means pictures of your shopping trips with the coupons you used to save. I will pay you in 100 cut coupons sent to your house. You can send in as many match ups as you want weekly if we use your deal you will get coupons. If you are a star at this I will hire you to post your trips on my site. You read right I want real deals not match ups. This is the form for you to submit you REAL DEALS to.  REAL DEALS FORM

What do you think?


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  1. Jacqueline in Atlanta says

    I used to do lots of couponing, but now the store brands are so good, there are very few products I bother with coupons and wait for a sale for. Instead, I buy store brands. I DO insist on Cascade detergent, Hellmann’s mayo and a few others. I used to buy Tide laundry soap, but now I make my own. I still clip some, but many weeks I don’t even buy a paper. It feels weird. ha

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