Great Buy for Children of All Ages

Who’s sippy cup is that?

How many times have you lost your child’s cup or picked up someone else’s bottle?

To easily solve this issue, I have found that vinyl labels with my children’s name on them work fantastic! These vinyl labels are dishwasher and microwave safe and stick for a LONG time. My two year old has had his name sticker on his cup for the last 10 months. Think about how many times it has gone through the dishwasher in that amount of time and it is still in perfect shape!

These labels are great for sports equipment, lunch boxes or any items that are taken to daycare or preschool. Never get your child’s personal items mixed-up again!

Identity Direct has 30 vinyl labels for $8.99. You get to design your own label too!

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  1. Rick and Cathy Chiovaro says

    And they are great stocking stuffers for older kids too, for books, water bottles at sports games, etc. I know because Renaelyn gave them to my boys for Christmas!

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