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Today I am grateful that it is my birthday. The reason is simple I have been given another year to live. I started writing a grateful list of my top five every day because in life I think we forget the small things. We forget because we are to busy being ungrateful. I have made the choice to look at the positive and grow the things that are positive in my life. It isn’t easy. I will talk about that choice more over the next couple of weeks. I decided to be the light that helps others’ candles burn instead of being the wind the relinquishes their flame.

1) I am grateful for the family I have from the very start I have always been loved, punished when my mouth got ahead of my brain, been challenged, supported, laughed with, and frankly spoiled.

2) I am grateful to my husband who rolls his eyes at me then laughs and says “Yes, honey that sounds like a great idea. I will do what ever you need to help.” This occurs often and is usually caused because he has no idea what it takes to run a website but he doesn’t care because no matter what I need he provides. He always has and always will.

3) I am grateful to the children that I have and to the one that didn’t make it. I am grateful because they teach me everyday what is truly meaningful in life. They taught me not to take life seriously. How to have fun. How to see the world in a new way. They taught about true and deep love and complete sacrifice.

4) I am grateful for the education I have and the drive that I have to seek more information. I am grateful that instead of quitting I figure out the resolution and then I get it done.

5) I am grateful that I have the gift to teach others. I am patient and helpful and always willing to spend time helping people that truly want help. That is why having a website has become so important to me. I have helped people achieve financial success and I have helped numerous other bloggers learn how to build their blog into a business. Bloggers if you are interested in applying for our Mission Giveaway team please do so.

SInce it is my birthday I get a 6th thing I am grateful for and that thing every person that I meet. I understand that everyone person adds value and is important. I understand that a kind word and a smile goes a long way. I know that paying it forward is more important that taking. I hope that each day you join me in listing the 5 things you are grateful for it will change your life. Let today be your rebirth and change the way you view the world and how you interact with others focus on kindness and you to shall reap the rewards.

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