Grab a FREE pair of glasses from Coastal Contacts!

Get a FREE pair of glasses from Coastal Contacts!



In the market for a new pair of glasses? Why not pick up a pair for FREE! Get your first pair of glasses FREE from Coastal Contacts (shipping averages about $13.00). Use code: FIRSTPAIRFREE (includes standard lenses) to get the deal. Try them on at home and if it the frames don’t fit, return shipping is free! Click HERE to grab your FREE pair today!

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  1. Ada Mangoes says

    They have recently implemented this thing where premium coatings are included on all lenses and the lowest price available for that is $29. So the frames are free, sure, but the lenses are gonna cost at least $29 and that’s just for single vision; bifocals, et6c. are more.

  2. Ada Mangoes says

    Zenni optical is a better deal. Their shipping is $4.95 standard and you can get single vision glasses for as low as $6.95. Sure, they’re not super fashionable, but most of them aren’t butt ugly, either and the next price level up ($9.95) has even more options available still at a *very* fugal price.

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