Grab a FREE Enfamil Diaper Bag PACKED with $250 worth of Freebies & Savings!

Enfamil Family Beginnings

Hurry and grab a FREE Enfamil Family Beginnings Kit with up to $250 in Savings, formula and baby products!!!

When you sign up, you will automatically get Enfamil checks which was a major life saver for my budget!

Here’s how to get this deal:

Sign up with Everyday family and check the Enfamil offer link this:

Enjoy the Savings!


  1. Rebecca G. says

    I signed up for this but was never sure if it went through or was accepted or whatever. I haven’t received anything in the mail. How do you know if you got it?

  2. Darci says

    I didn’t mine either. It did say that it would be sent. Some are saying that they are only getting coupons when some of these sites say that there is a bag with all the stuff in that will be sent to your house? confusing.

  3. Kellene K says

    i didnt get mine either… does it come closer to due date or once the baby’s here??? i got the coupons with my first son and they really helped especially since my hubbers went on unpaid medical leave when i went back from maternity leave… we could really use these again!!!!… i think i signed up right but i dont know… :/

  4. Linda Walters says

    I signed my niece up for this and we get the email updates but never did get the $250 a FREE Enfamil Family Beginnings Kit.

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